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So, today I decided to do a workout, but since it was my rest day, I chose to do something simple and focus on my legs as a pre-workout for monday. Monday is when leg day should be, but as I was filming my intro I realized I haven’t mentioned the new probiotic gummies since the last video (linked below): It’s a fun gummy to take and it’s not bothersome to remember like my actual ferrous sulfate <_< that stuff sucks. o;



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Public Speaking. . .and me. . .

Hey guys,

So I am currently taking a summer class to speed up this “get out of college with a degree” thing, and the class I need to take is Public Speaking. This class was meant for you take back when you started college, it should be the first thing on your semester class list but for me it wasn’t, it had never been a requirement until now. <_<

Oh well, I’m taking it, and so far, I am doing really good with it. I’m almost positive I have an A in the class overall, especially since it’s a 6pm night class every Monday and Wednesday. (I also thought it was payday today, but that’s not until tomorrow.) I haven’t had a real day off in months. I’m excited for it on SUNDAY! WOOT but anyway this post was about public speaking.

It’s a good class to take in the summer when you have nothing else to do but at the same time it’s a scary class when you don’t like talking in front of people, or writing speeches. I’ve got to pretend I’m writing this speech for someone else about someone else. It’s so complicated.

I’m also procastinating by writing this lol but this is waaaaaay more fun to just let my thoughts roll of the . . . digital pen? Alas, I need to go though. Thanks for listening to my mini-rant/thoughts.

I wish it was payday.

Time to De-Stress, or not?


Let me give you a run down of a general weekday schedule. I’m going to choose. . .hmm. . well all days really.

I wake up around 5am to get ready and eat before leaving for work by 7:30. My job is currently 25-30 minutes away. I start at 8am. I leave that job at 12pm and then need to make it to my second job in time for 12:30 and possibly eat lunch on the way. I try to prepare something or eat a meal replacement smoothie, and side-note; they actually work! Especially if you are trying to lose weight. Anyhow, from there I leave around 6:10pm daily mind you. I go pick up the boyfriend from his job and then we go back home. Sometimes, I have to do after work extra curricula such as training for work, or I have my ballroom dance class (which is a stress reliever but still.) On occassion, I will also go to the gym and workout.

I basically work everyday, and I am now realizing how time consuming that is, and if I can even do any extra fun things like go to the movies, and run my etsy store. I am currently in the process of just selling digital items and maybe a few handmade stickers for the MAMBI Planner but still. Etsy takes a lot of work, especially if you want to be successful.

Did I also mention that I’m still in school. I am taking a summer class currently to finish up my degree in ECE and go back to my main school of choice. My GPA was under what it should have been and I am now happy to say that I’ve brought it back up. Man, I’m venting quite a bit. I am also working on the POSE Method for running but don’t worry, I’ll post a video about that soon.

To note; I did not realize there were such things as PAID YouTube channels, and that’s kind of cool because it’s another source of income. Yes, I’m still doing the “YouTube” thing and it’s suddenly/slightly turned into almost daily vlogging but that’s okay with me. I’m coming up in subscribers and it’s great! I like interaction!

I think I’m done venting for now, I’m going to go and finish my coffee. I’ve had these past few mornings off and have been enjoying every minute of it.

*sips coffee* ahhh

Bye guys 😀
~ August

Black Heads, and More, Alternative Recipes for Removal. ~ Review ~

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Hey guys,

So I’ve just woken up and this post may not be the most coherent but I will try. I have been super busy with school and life, and got a second job to help pay for a car that is non-existant currently but yeah, if anyone knows a car that is selling for around $2K and under that’d be helpful, but only if it’s in Connecticut to be honest!

Otherwise, eh. . . .but that’s not what this post is about. I was recently asked to review a book entitled “BLACKHEADS, ACNE CURE & PIMPLE: acne, acne diet, acne treatment book and acne books for home remedies” and I have to say the book gives out some interesting information but at the same time, the writer needs help in the editing department. It took me a couple days to read because of the grammar, which to be fair, I’m not 100% at but there are many points as to which the writer can improve upon as well as myself.

The first thing I read about was Apples!? What? I know and apple a day can keep the doctor away but pimples? Eating healthy is actually a great way to stop almost any breakouts from occurring. My Boyfriend eats a strictly health foods only diet with the occassional treat of a coolatta or ice cream but that’s about it. He opts for fruits and veggies more often than not. It’s actually pretty interesting, and I’m currently opting for the same style of diet. I’ve noticed that I don’t have as many break outs or redness in my skin like I used too. I also use Origins face wash, and an acne medication but still! XD

If you want to know more recipes or just read the book for yourself, I will place the link to the book here; It’s really only $2.99 and you are supporting an author. Which I always think is great, wink wink, nudge nudge. You can also contact them via; let me know what your pimples/acne regimen is in the comments down below!

~ August

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Motivational Monday? ? |*_*| Diary

So, everyone is posting a motivational quote for the day, and I decided to watch the story of GymShark and how this teenager created his own company and built websites, etc.

That made me slightly depressed. . . .that was a hobby of mine and I got nothing from it, other than some really cool websites that will probably never see the light of day again!

Also, probably because I was more focused on drawing and therefore I kind of gave up the website route. . . .but today I have the motivation of going forward and trying it again.

Not making websites specifically but focusing on my personal website as well as my Wiccan business website. If you didn’t know already I am a certified/ordained Minister via the Universal Life Church, and I specialize in Wicca.

Yes, Wicca the thing with the witches and craft LOL not how I usually explain it but that’s the first thing that comes to peoples minds, and that’s how I chose to explain it just now, but you can visit my website to learn more, and buy my books!

  • The first uploaded one is a PDF file that you can download and practice with.

So, yeah, that’s my motivational diary for Monday April 3rd 2017. . . . now on to do my homework, because I have class in 2 hours. >_<

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TaZa Stainless Steel Straws! WHAT?

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Well Hello again,

I know that it’s been a while since you’ve last seen me, but I was shoveling out of the driveway, and well got stuck. Now I am sitting in the warmth of the house sipping on an ice cold banana smoothie. . . .I know, right? Only a New Englander could want something ice cold after already being in the ice cold. <_< What is wrong with me?

But I do need to tell you something, I just bought these amazing new metal straws, made by TaZA and they are stainless steel and wide enough for you to eat a banana ice-cream smoothie via the straw! I’m so excited by this fact, because I can never finish one using a spoon. I don’t know if it’s just the mentality of it, or what, but I was able to down one-and-a-half glasses today for breakfast!

The design is super cute to me, I love the fact that they are metal straws yet they have that ridge-line effect you would get if you were using a bendy straw, it made me giggle the first time I saw it. It was just so cute!


Isn’t just adorable? I think so, and like I said this straw is super easy and open throughout. The package is really small and comes in a carrier envelope padded with bubble wrap to keep it a bit safe from the USPS Truck but as we know they all get sloshed about anyhow. These are one of those things that you don’t need to worry too much about because, well remember, they are metal!


The Taza Website has many more options, but I chose the Dip & Sip Extra Wide and Angled. Which are about a 9.5mm opening. It helps me drink more than I normally would and not create a lot of waste as well! You really don’t notice how much you’re actually drinking until the cup is empty and your tummy is quite full!


I definitely recommend this to anyone who wants to try it! Just click here to be taken to the website and browse for yourself, they also have UNBREAKABLE WINE GLASSES! WOW!


Thanks for stopping by!


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Healthier Women & Probiotic Supplements

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First and foremost, how are you? I’m great. I’ve been on a wonderful hunt in trying to find a vegetarian probiotic and then bam! I am contacted by the wonderful Island Miracle, and they tell me that they’ve got what I’m looing for!

So, I am here to explain to you what a probiotic is and show you my mini- unboxing.

A probiotic is a usually dairy food or a dietary supplement containing live bacteria that replace or add to the beneficial bacteria normally present in the gastrointestinal tract. Now, since I am vegetarian I can in fact consume eggs and some dairy but I choose not to indulge and now even drink my coffee black with sugar, and that’s about it. So, therefore I am in the need of a probiotic to keep my body acting regular and here was my solution.

You can try it out too:
#Island #miracle #probiotic.

I recommend you try out this product with me, and lets see how it fairs! I am enjoying it thus far! It’s a rather large capsule than I am used too but on the whole it seems like it is a worthy supplement!

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Life Likes to Bite Hard

It’s true. Life, for some odd reason, likes to bite hard.

Then it likes to kick you and pinch you like a mean school bully. Physical violence hurts you know, yeah I’m talking to you life. So, if you didn’t already know I have 2 blogs. One is more focused on Art Related topics as this one is more of just a journal for when I need to write, at least that’s what I keep telling myself, and today well . . . .

I need to write. I keep going back to Emma. I need to finish it. I’m going to be changing the cover completely. I want it to stand out on the book shelf, and on the back it’s official; I will finally put up a small blurb and auto biography.

I will post more on that in the other blog though, as that falls under the ART related topics I was talking about. I also wanted to just rant about how my phone broke after falling in a CAR. YEAH. . . .It broke after falling INSIDE a CAR. Not on some hard sidewalk like it did the first time, now the screen doesn’t work at all. I can’t text unless I use my Surface Pro.


I’m also watching BumbleBaylee on YouTube, that always cheers me up just a bit. She’s so productive, and #goals bruh! I need to have my own office and work from home, but I also need an accountant ’cause taxes are not my thing. I just want to be able to do work while lounging on the couch, and then have skype meetings from the bathtub. . . . well the latter not so much, but skype meetings are actually pretty cool.

In person, not so much, where are you from?
This is 2016 where we have hover cars. . . and edible furniture. . . .yup one of those things is actually true. . . cho

This internet connection is kind of slow. I think I’ll start the writing for the day until Bahbee comes. I’m so lazy but we need to GTD this!

I really like saying that, if you don’t know what it stands for I’m sure you can guess, but Getting Things Done.
Quoting Alexis, aka MissTrenchCoat.

If you don’t follow her, well now you should.

Guys, I’m rambling again. . . .I’m gonna go. I need to focus. . . and COFFEH!


Ps. Bash says goodnight!


New Art!

Hey guys! I have got some news! In the midst of my Pokémon Go obsession. I have created a Redbubble Account where I sell and post my art.

Some of artworks:

TOFEE2.pngThis one is probably my favorite at the moment since I just made it today using ArtRage Lite, and I actually forgot to stream myself doing this one because I woke up and just started doing it.


So if you want to check out my redbubble:




Random News from a College Student

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